Drinks & Snacks


While Guinness is our specialty at Chaplins, we also serve a wide variety of Beers, Ciders, IPAs, Craft Beers,  Whiskeys, Brandys, Gins, Vodkas, Liqueurs, and a variety of wines! Download our drinks menu below.

Our prices are the same all day and night.




"The Draw"

Chaplins is renowned for the quality of its pint of Guinness and takes pride in ensuring that your pint is of excellent quality at all times. Particular attention is paid to ensure that all Guinness taps and facilities are checked by the dedicated Guinness technicians at least once a week. The pub also makes sure that the “Draw” is correct. The “Draw” is the distance between the Guinness taps and the cold storage room. The shorter the “Draw” the better the pint. This is essential to ensure the quality and to produce a constant creamy pint of Guinness.

Pull your own Pint!


As our pint of Guinness is so good we invite all tourists to pull their own pint!
We will provide a Souvenir Certificate confirming your achievement. Get your picture taken while pulling your pint and don't forget to tag us in the post on social media! #chaplinsbar

Pull Your Own Pint



We have Pizzas, Toasties and the usual traditional pub snacks available.



Finger food is also available, ordered in advance from Alice or Martin, to have at your private party in our function room or to have in the main bar downstairs.

Contact us to order food! Phone 01 6775225 or 085 7414191